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NEW in SHOP - Outdoor user FIRST AID KITS

3 January 2016

We now have brilliant new and specially made, First Aid Kits for sale in our shop. This is a specially made superior cordura Frst Aid Kit with handle, loop and belt attachment points. It is manufactured in bright safety orange and has inner and outer zipped compartments and external zip closure. The bag can be personalised with your name and has a reflective strip.The profit from the sale of this kit will be used to support the work of the rescue team.

The contents of a first aid kit will always need to depend on the environment you intend to visit and the make up of your party; but we have stocked your kit with some basics:

Casualty Record Card & Pencil – if you need help accurate, information about where you are the condition of a casualty are critical. The card also provides prompts for an MR casualty care primary survey.

Whistle – to summon assistance (six blasts followed by a minutes silence – repeated).

TouchCut Shears - for cutting clothing or dressings as necessary.

Large melolin non-adhesive dressing – good for wounds that aren't bleeding a lot. A large one can be cut down to size.

Gloves – protection against infection

Ambulance Dressings – a dressing attached to a bandage. Good for bleeding wounds.

Safety pins – to secure dressings or clothing.

Saline sachet – to clean wounds or eyes. eg use it to wash insects out of eyes.

Mediwipes – to clean wounds

Micopore tape – to secure dressings or immobilize fingers or toes.

Crepe bandage – to support sprained joints, secure dressings or improvised splints.

Assorted plasters – for small wounds.

Triangular bandage – to make a sling or secure an improvised splint

Face shield – to protect against infection when doing CPR

LDSAMRA – safety leaflet

but you might want to add:
Specialist blister dressings such as Compeed
Pain relief drugs such as ibuprofen and paracetamol
Antihistamine cream for bites and stings
A burns dressing - cling film is readily available (lay over don't wrap around).
Waterproof notepaper and pen
A small torch – some MR incidents are simply caused by the fact that it has gone dark!
Glucose tablets or hypostop sugar gel (for hypoglycaemia and hypothermia)
Personal medication such as a Ventolin inhaler

And don't forget... to leave details of where you are going and take spare food and clothing.

Knowing how to use the contents of a first aid kit are just as important as what is in it. Make sure you know how to do Basic Life Support (see and enroll on a first aid course.

 You can purchase on line here