One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Female Ankle injury near parting stone in Grisedale

Grisedale - near parting stone
Grid reference: NY 35200 12300
The team was called out at around 1300 hrs on 28/08/2019 with a third party report of a female who slipped coming down from Grisedale tarn . The team located a female who had slipped and injured her ankle which left her unable to walk. The female and her friend had been walking the coast to coast route and were on their way to Glenridding. Assistance was requested from Penrith MRT due to limited availability of team members. The female's ankle was treated and stabilised at the scene by the team doctor and then initially evacuated by stretcher. Half way down the valley the casualty was then transferred to a coastguard helicopter for onward travel to Hospital. The rescue lasted 4 hrs and involved 9 Patterdale members, 7 Penrith members and a coast guard rescue helicopter