One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Priest hole man with dislocated shoulder

Close to the Priest Hole - Dove crag
Grid reference: NY 37497 11068
16.55 Saturday 3 March 2018.
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Constabulary to go to the aid of a 28 year old male who had fallen whilst attempting to get to the Priest hole on Dove crag, sustaining a dislocated shoulder.
The injured man along with his companion were fortunate to be found by two very experienced mountaineers, one of which was a doctor and they were able to give the Team valuable information prior to ascending Dove crag.
Given the conditions under foot, the terrain and the nature of the injury the Team made the decision to call in Her Majesty's Coastguard helicopter for assistance.
The stricken faller was given intravenous analgesia by two of the Team doctors and treated accordingly.
He was then winched from the scene by The Coastguard and taken to Carlisle infirmary for further treatment.

The volunteers from Patterdale Mountain Rescue team would like to remind people that given the current full Winter conditions only very experienced mountaineers with the right equipment should be attempting to access the Priest hole.
The rescue lasted 7.5 hours and was attended by 13 Team members.