One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

2 Males lost close to the summit of Hart Crag

Hart Crag Summit
Grid reference: NY 36800 11200
We’ve just had a call out running for the past four hours. A couple of chaps lost in the cloud. Our SARLOC system didn’t work on their phone so we asked the lost people to download OS locate over their 4G connection and within seconds we had a grid reference.
Once we had this reference we worked out a compass bearing and asked them to walk on it. This worked and we soon had them walking in the right direction. An hour later we spotted their torch high on the mountain. Three hours later and they were down in the valley safely.
Luckily these guys had a map, compass and torch so we were able to help them off the fell.

For the record, although this was a joint call out for Patterdale and Langdale MRT, we agreed that we wouldn’t race each other up the mountain to see who could get there first! Likewise, there was no ‘sport’ to be had today and definitely no ‘fisticuffs’.
However, we did spend most of the day sorting out the Base after some major building work. We also spent the day at the Lakes Trail event. Tomorrow much of the same. See you there tomorrow if you are running.