One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Two Rescues for Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team on Sunday Afternoon

Striding Edge, Helvellyn
Grid reference: NY 34629 14963
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team members were involved in two rescues on Sunday afternoon. The first, on Place Fell, was to rescue a woman from the Stockport area. The woman had injured her knee and was unable to walk. Team members treated her on scene and then carried her on a stretcher to one of the Team's landrovers. As the Team members were placing the injured woman into the vehicle they received a second call out from Cumbria Police. This time to Striding Edge where two walkers were crag fast in bad weather.

Mike Blakey, Team Leader said: 'The two walkers, who were both in their 20's, had become crag fast in the area known as the bad step on Striding Edge. They had been caught out when the weather changed from beautiful sunshine to a cloudy and very wet afternoon. The change in weather had been forecast and the rain and cloud arrived right on que! This rescue serves as a reminder to everyone venturing into the hills this summer: it's always important to check the forecast and plan a route accordingly.'

'The two people were located on a small ledge to the side of the bad step. Team members descended to their position and then lowered the couple, by rope, to safe ground.'

The two rescues involved twelve team members for over seven hours in total.