One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Lone male walker cragfsat on Catstye Cam

Y Gully, Catstye Cam
Grid reference: NY 34915 15904
A very friendly Priest was rescued by Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team from Y Gully on Catstye Cam earlier today.
He had ascended the gully and become stuck on steep snowy ground. The Team went to his aid and provided an ice axe and crampons. The man, who was a very experienced walker, had left his own ice and crampons in his car in the valley below.
The Team Leader said: 'The man, from the North East of England, had not realised the effect of the snow from earlier in the week. Although, he was very experienced and had all of the right equipment he had left his ice axe and crampons in the car. We were very pleased that he called when he did and happy to go to his aid. We located him about 150 metres from the summit and assisted him back to our base. We hope to see him on the mountains again soon. It was a great day to be out.'
'As a mater of course, we'd like to let people know that Helvellyn and the surrounding fells are in full winter condition and winter equipment, including an ice and crampons are essential. Please check the fell top forecast for the weekend and look at the images on our facebook page from today.'
Seven team members were involved for about four hours in total.