One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Shepherd and dog cragfast in East Chockstone Gulley on St Sunday Crag

East Chockstone Gulley, St Sunday Crag
Grid reference: NY 36600 13700
At about five o'clock on Monday evening Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were tasked to help a local shepherd and his dog on St Sunday Crag. The shepherd was clearing sheep with his pack of dogs when 'Kim' a blue merle Border Collie went up into the crags in East Chockstone Gulley and became stuck on a ledge. The shepherd attempted to climb up to the dog but the terrain became to steep and dangerous. He eventually managed to down climb and then started to descend to the valley bottom where he met the Rescue Team coming up the fell. It was ascertained that the shepherd was ok, just a little shook up. The team then ascended to the base of the crags to locate the dog. Unfortunately with the light failing and the gullies and crags in thick mist the search had to be called off until the following morning.

At first light the four team members re-ascended the steep slopes of St Sunday Crag with the shepherd and made their way under the crags until the dog was sighted high up in East Chockstone Gulley. Technical climbing gear was used to ascend the steep gulley which was full of loose wet rock. Once they made the ledge another rope system was used to descend back down the gulley.

'Kim' and the shepherd were then re-united after a long wet night!