One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Female walker and dog mauled by cattle

Grid reference: NY 41000 12900
Members of the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were at the rescue base awating the arrival of the Royal Air Force to carry out some training when North West Ambulance Service asked for the Teams assistance for a 50 year old female and her dog that had been mauled by cattle in the village of Hartsop.
The Team immediately responded in two of their off road landrovers. On arrival the casualty was being treated by the crew of the Air Ambulance who had been tasked ahead of the Rescue Team. Several Team members assited the Air Crew whilst the remainder started a search for the missing dog that had been seen to run off injured.
The lady suffered hand and facial injuries and was flewn directly to Preston hospital for further treatment.
Team members tracked the dog 'Bruce' down to the holiday lodge where 'Bruce' and members of the family had arrived the night before. Bruce was treated for minor injuries by the team vet.
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team would like to advise walkers that cattle, especially those with calves can pose a danger. If you find yourself in a field with wary cattle then move away carefully and quietly. If you feel threatened and have a dog with you then let go of the dogs lead as the dog should be able to outrun the cattle. More advice can be found in the Countryside Code.