One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

69 Year Old Man Stuck Ascending Helvellyn

Red Tarn Basin
Grid reference: NY 34564 15075
Patterdale MRT were contacted when a member of a party of four became stuck ascending the final slopes up to Helvellyn at the end of Striding Edge. In deteriorating weather conditions three members of the party raised the alarm via a mobile phone call before continued on to Helvellyn and descending via Lower Man and Whiteside to Greenside Mines and safety.

Helicopter assistance was requested to uplift rescue team members toward the site of the cragfast man, initially in the form of the Helimed Air Ambulance. However due to the low cloud the Air Ambulance was unable to approach the scene and a SeaKing from RAF Boulmer was requested to assist as the team members made their way onto the fell on foot, Penrith MRT were also called to assist. However, before the rescue team could reach the man's location he managed to free himself and descend to Red Tarn and then down towards the Grisedale Valley where team members intercepted him.

11 members of Patterdale MRT and 6 members of Penrith Team were involved in the rescue.

Members of the public are reminded that conditions on the fells can still be very wintery even at the beginning of April with sheet ice, sleet, snow and very strong winds.