One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Search for walkers reported missing around Lantys Tarn

Swirral Edge
Grid reference: NY 34467 15522
At 17-05hrs Patterdale MRT were tasked by Cumbria Police to a report of missing persons in the Lantys Tarn area above Patterdale. The Team tried contacting the missing persons but due to poor mobile phone coverage this was not possible. The Team issued a "sarloc text" which allowed the location of the persons to be given on the search and rescue mapping system. The location was given as 300m from the outfall of Red Tarn and Team members were tasked to the given location. A second sarloc was issued to confirm that the persons were descending in the right direction towards Greenside Mine as instructed; unfortunately the revised location placed the missing persons on Swirral Edge. The persons were instructed to stay put. Team members quickly located the persons and after a quick assessment on scene began walking them off back towards Greenside Mine above Glenridding.
The callout lasted 5hrs and involved 13 members of the Team.