One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Two Adventure Race Participants Airlifted to Hospital

Silver Bay, Ullswater
Grid reference: NY 39627 18249
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist two adventure race participants who had fallen and sustained injuries at around the same time on Sunday morning.

The male from Cumbria had fallen and sustained a head injury. When the Team arrived two other runners, a passing medic from the North West Air Ambulance and a member of another Mountain Rescue Team, had stopped to assist the man. The man was assessed and found to have a deep laceration to his head. Whilst the rescue was taking place a Seaking helicopter passed overhead and the team requested their assistance with the rapid evacuation of the man. He was transferred from a difficult section of the footpath to the opposite side of the lake where the Seaking was able to land safely. The helicopter then flew the man to Carlisle and he arrived ten minutes later. He received stitches for the wound and was later released from hospital.

Whilst the rescue of the man was taking place, two other team members went to the aid of the woman who had slipped and sustained an ankle injury about 1km away. The woman was cold and although the Team were about transfer her to their boat, the evacuation and subsequent transfer to hospital would have been approximately 90 minutes. As a result, the Team requested the assistance of the helicopter again. The Seaking returned approximately 15 minutes later and the woman was transferred quickly to hospital.

Given that the Team were dealing with two incidents and there were well over 1000 participants taking part, Penrith MRT were asked to assist with the second incident. They were stood down on route after the helicopter arrived but managed to make it in time for tea and biscuits – one of their favourite past times when they come to Patterdale.

Once the two rescues were completed the Team returned to Glenridding where they continued with their fundraising at the adventure race. The weather during the day was wet and the Team ended up making impromptu cups of tea for some of the race participant. During the afternoon two further participants turned up at mountain rescue trailer suffering from the effects of the cold. One man was provided with warm clothing and a woman was placed in a sleeping bag, given heat pads and spent the next couple of hours in a warm Landover warming up whilst he boyfriend completed the next race.

Patterdale MRT would like to thank all those who assisted them today: RAF Kinless & RAF Boulmer; the passing medic and team member; and Penrith Mountain Rescue Team – who never fail to turn out when we ask.

Twelve Patterdale Team members were involved in the two rescues for approximately 3 hours.