One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

A Busy day for Patterdale Team

Grid reference: NY 34300 15200
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team attended three rescues on Satuarday 23rd February.

The first incident was on the Thirlmere side of Helvellyn, where a father and son had fallen descending an icy path. Although the job was being run by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, it was attended by two Patterdale team members who were already out climbing on Helvellyn. Both father and son had sustained leg injuries and were eventually airlifted from scene by a Navy Sea King helicopter.

While this first incident was finishing, the team received a call from the Police to say that someone had fallen on the other side of Helvellyn. A 27 year old man from Cheshire was reported to have fallen 100m on the face of Helvellyn, towards Red Tarn. On reaching the scene, the man was found to have dislocated his shoulder and fractured his ankle. The man was treated for his injuries, splinted, placed into a stretcher and then lowered down the snow slope to a waiting Air Ambulance. The team were also assisted by members of RAF mountain rescue team who were training in the area.

While the second incident was underway, the team were alerted to a third incident on St Sunday Crag. The reports stated that a 47 year old walker from Oxfordshire had fallen, again on icy slopes, fracturing his ankle. Members of Patterdale team were diverted from the second incident to this incident and given the number of incidents running, Penrith team were called to assist. Team members reached the casualty, splinted his leg and then transfred him into a strcher for winching into the Sea King which had returned from dropping off the first two casualties at hospital. All casualties were well equipped.