One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Four climbers avalanched above Pinnacle Ridge

Pinnacle Ridge, St Sundays Crag
Grid reference: NY 36687 13933
At 14:00 the team were called by the Police following a report that four climbers had been avalanched from the top of Pinnacle Ridge. Due to the seriousness of the incident and the number of reported casualties, the team requested the assistance of the air ambulance and an RAF Seaking helicopter. At the time of the call, two of the casualties were reported as buried in the avalanche debris.

The air ambulance lifted a doctor and one team member up the valley to a point where it could land near the scene. A short while later, five further team members were lifted by the Seaking and winched directly down to the casualty site.

Two of the four climbers, a group from County Durham, managed to escape the avalanche near the top. One of these climbers was unhurt and a second had escaped with relatively minor lower leg injuries. The other two casualties were swept about 750 feet and sustained serious multiple injuries.

On reaching the casualty site, team members and the doctor assessed and stabilised the two seriously injured casualties before packaging them in stretchers. The RAF Seaking winched one of the seriously injured casualties from the scene and flew him direct to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle where it refuelled before returning to winch the second casualty and transfer him to the same hospital.

The climber with the lower leg injury who had not been swept down the hill was located by an Air Ambulance following a short search by team members. He was also taken to Carlisle Hospital. The fourth climber was able to walk off the hill, and was then taken to hospital to be checked over.

Nineteen members of the team were involved and the incident was finally wound up at 20:30.