One of the busiest Mountain Rescue Teams in England. 2018 our 54th year

Ankle injury on descent from Sheffield Pike to Greenside Mines, Ullswater

Path from Sheffield Pike towards The Old Mines
Grid reference: NY 36181 17788
On Thursday 23rd July at about 17.00 a lady from Bristol slipped on a damp path as she made her way off Sheffield Pike, towards the old mines above Greenside, Glenridding. She heard a cracking sound and felt a sharp pain.

A passing walker carried the lady down to the vehicle track where she was able to sit in National Park Landrover. Two members of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team attended and transferred the casualty to their base in one of their Landrover ambulances. The casualty was then picked up from the base by a North West Ambulance and taken to Carlisle Infirmary.

The identity of the knight in shining armour who carried her to the track is unkown.